by Kudos Fiasco

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This is the fruits of us recording and playing at home.

We will happily have you download it for no charge...

To say hello -=->


released November 17, 2010

Many thanks Simon Struthers.
This album was mastered at Forensic Audio.
All parts and production by Kudos Fiasco



all rights reserved


Kudos Fiasco Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Jimmy Dean
Now he doesn't feel alone,
They now lie together,
We can waste a whole day,
In sweet life, he'll forget her,
But he sits awake at night,
And waits for love to kick in,
But it's time to wake up to see this one is over,
Start it over now.

We'd light these darkened mirrors,
We'd only waste your time,
We'd light these darkened hallways,
It's too hard to change your mind.

She can't but hope but seem it right,
And they laugh into the night,
Say it once before but never again,
He'll say that he loves but he'll tell all of his friends it's over,
Say it once before take it from him,
He'll see you out, but you've got to adore him,
Because you are his second idea.
Track Name: Signing War
Signing War

You were the only one,
Where feeling never feigned,
You were the only to make me feel ashamed,
Pulled off her socks,
Two lovers locked,
You said it was her fault,
Too see her walk,
Signing War,
Makes you not ok.

And as you sat and watched her walk away
She Signing War
And as you sat and watched your world just fade.

I'm over love,
Just get away from me,
In the worst two minds,
With her I'm tired,
You keep me wired,
This is a lonely mess,
So believe it now,
I'm calling you,
Because you were more than right,
So concede your plans,
Before you know,
The seed in us will split.
Track Name: Say You
Say You

Where not in the same boat,
Don't say you trust him now,
Because we are all taking shortcuts and keeping our secrets,
Who am I kidding, I just won't bother,
With all the likeliness and consequence in my head,
See us a likely pair but my mind's not there to be bent.

You won't know that side of you,
Hey you come hold my heart,
You won't love that side of you.

I realise now that we're not in the same boat,
But it's too late you trust him now,
Because I'm taking shortcuts, and your keeping secrets,
It wasn't like you expect and my eye could sever your hand,
Wait until we get set out, you'll be there by yourself.

Don't say you trust him now.
Track Name: Sangria

I'm coming to speak,
Your under the floor,
Reeling the feeling you felt two times before,
I notice your name,
It's in the dark,
A cigarette and it seems like it's way too hard,
To keep it the same,
I'm seeing the wall,
Bricked up against us and hard to survive this fall,
I"m coming to speak,
Your under the floor,
I'm coming to speed,
Your running me wild.

And the world starts fading away,
You could tell me things you've wanted to say,
And the worlds starts fading away,
It's all over now,
And the worlds starts fading away,
I could tell you things I've wanted to say.

It's time to stop,
Liaising frames,
The care and feeling it stops as we guess their names,
And I see no way, without unresolved,
Our arguments have been sold in the last store box.
There's just no way, this shit's resolved,
When I can leave you and not even feel the cold,
I'm coming to speak,
Your under the floor,
I'm coming to speed,
Your running me down.
Track Name: For the Both of Us
For the Both of Us

This could be life changing for the both of us,
This could be our last goodbye,
You'll sell these testimonials,
Get your lines across,
Comprehension stops,
I'll see the world without you.

What have I said to you that makes you feel like you're on your own,
What have I said to you that makes you feel like you're all alone,

This could be…

We'll save time,
It's out of our control,
Buy a broken home,
With an undertone,
We'll end our lives all alone.
So make me live harder,
Speak the harder word,
Seal the rationale,
Get up to leave it out,
Sit down,
And fucking talk this out.

So tell me….
Track Name: Fiction

You're waiting for the last one to come and find you,
I'm lost and feels like I wanted to,
You all come calling now you're not going to break me,
I've got the lessons and you have the fiction.

This word is not important it's not going to raise sound,
A light from nowhere, we fall in and out of love,
And it's over but I'm coming over,
How did you mean? I hurt your body,
I put your body on even ground with mine,
And you leave it all behind.

Feeling High

When did your mister come running,
You've got no heart, you've got my mind messing up,
We've got nothing.

We've waited too many times for no one,
I'm sick of waiting because you already know my problem,
It's on a loan,
We've fallen in love, at least that's what I thought.

I gave you time but it leads to no end,
I gave you mine but it's knocking on my door,
So feel free to let me know when you're ready.

Feeling High.
Track Name: Bricolage

Make this my first impression,
Make this count,
Weight all around me,
I'm all alone again.

Rampages may, bring me along,
Rampages will degrade,
Rampages may, make you strong in your stubborn ways.

I can't remember the last time I felt my heart tick,
I can't remember the last time I felt like that with them

Make this my last impression,
The one meant to sew me out,
Because I'm on the sidewalk and you're only looking,
Waiting to watch me fail,
I won't wear this front and cover up what shows on my sleeve,
If it only took a little less to let me breathe.